Find Out How Xero and ATM Chartered Accountants Transform Businesses

Since the days of Dendra and the development of the first writing during the Bronze Age, people have sought better ways to communicate. With the evolution of writing came the first numerical systems that enable people to share mathematical equations. With advanced technology, today companies used cloud-based accounting software to connect people with the right numbers anywhere and anytime.

The Days of Going Paperless

As people learned to write, they started to use various medium to convey their messages. Today, people are a long way from writing on stone, and now future-focused people are getting rid of paper by using cloud-based software instead. Everything required to do business is conveniently accessible in the cloud, and companies can finally leave the time-consuming paper chase behind.

Information in Real Time

When people started to use paper, pens, and printing, the written paperwork had to be delivered to the intended party. From snail mail to fax machines, people tried to transfer the data as quickly as possible. Cloud-based software makes the latest information accessible in real time, so business continues to move forward.

Achieve Gold Partner Status

Becoming a Xero Gold Partner helps businesses connect with an advisor that suits their needs. The complex nature of the files a partner accesses through Xero determines the company’s point status. Gold Partners gain help in an in-depth way for the optimum level of expertise.

Maximizing the Software

Once a company recognizes the need to have cloud-based software, the team must know how to use it efficiently. Turn to top-notch advisors to have the latest advice and information on taxation and legislative changes. Have instant access to software updates, and upgrades to maximize the value of the accounting software.

Save Time and Money

Working with experts at Xero helps companies save time and money. As partners, the company gains a discount on subscription costs with fast and dedicated service. Add-on software apps help companies grow and succeed.

Take time now to find out more about how ATB Chartered Accountants are helping businesses transform by using Xero. Find out the value of gaining access to real-time figures to stay ahead of the curve.

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