Short brief on advantages and some features of liftboats

A short brief on advantages and some features of liftboats

Advantages of liftboats

Liftboats have traditionally proved to be a price effective vessel for offshore maintenance services. Major benefits include lower downtime, no need to tug assists, stable work platform within the elevated position, negates the need for jack-up drilling rigs in a lot of cases, and negates the necessity for derrick barges in a lot of cases. They can be used for all kinds of offshore construction and maintenance to well intervention services like wire-line, coiled tubing, and nitrogen. They have even been accustomed to build high-rise bridges. Liftboats that are designed typically not fitted to international operations because of increased operating water depths, increased environmental conditions, and the need for a recognized Classification Society approval. Liftboats have gotten larger and more capable – capable of international markets.

Liftboats are the popular vessel for many shallow water jobs.

After years of proven operational expertise and trade demands, we tend to develop the foremost advanced high speed, high capability liftboat Jacking System for self-elevating mobile offshore vessels. Our jacking system is intended specifically for the new era of self-elevating jack-up, mobile offshore vessels utilized in the offshore oil and gas industry, liftboat for wind farm trade and different worldwide offshore markets.


The accommodation is an important feature of liftboats. The personnel accommodations are usually divided into 2 areas – navigation crew and customer/working personnel. As liftboats have gotten larger with increased capacities, so, have the necessities for more personnel. For instance, a 100-man accommodation block would typically have concerning twenty navigation crew and also the remaining eighty for customer/operational personnel.

The type of job that the liftboat is acting will dictate the accommodation demand, i.e., an offshore construction job would typically need more personal than a good intervention job. The construction job could even need further modular living quarters on the deck.


A typical and key feature of a liftboat is that it is self-propelled liftboat. This alleviates the requirement for tugs to move the liftboat or to line up on location. This ends up in a significant price advantage in that the liftboat can move to a new place without having to wait on tugs to move them. The liftboat can await a weather window and move while the larger liftboats have integrated propulsion and bow thrusters.

Remember the liftboat captain is lowering the legs and station keeping all at a similar time – an operation that takes little time compared to the jack-up drill rig. Power design is all vital when one in positioning close to the platform. There are so many companies offering services for liftboat UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, Europe locations.

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