What Can You Discover Regarding Supporting Your Claim 9 Factors That Help Determine Whos at Fault in a Car Accident?

Can accidents can occur in the blink of an eye and leave behind victims who suffer from serious injuries and damages. An injured person has rights that protect them as a victim. Unfortunately, the average person does not fully understand their rights or the steps they should take in seeking help. When injured victims meet with an attorney, they learn about Supporting Your Claim 9 Factors That Help Determine Whos at Fault in a Car Accident.

Four Things Injured Victims Need to Know

There are a few things injured victims need to be aware of before they start the process of pursuing fair compensation. This information will help to ensure the process ends as favorably as possible and the victim does not suffer undue stress.

  • The injured victim should always call the police to the scene of the accident so a police report can be filed. Making the mistake of leaving the scene without calling the police can be costly for the victim.
  • An injured accident victim has the right to seek fair compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. The injured party should never admit guilt, sign papers, or give a statement without first meeting with an attorney to gain valuable legal advice.
  • An attorney often offers free consultation appointments and will sometimes offer a contingency arrangement. In this type of arrangement, the injured party does not owe the attorney unless their case ends in a win.
  • Insurance adjusters are more likely to be unfair when they know an attorney is not present on the case. When an attorney is representing an injured party, the insurance adjuster will want to avoid going to court so they will offer a fair settlement.

How to Get Started on a Claim

After contacting the police and seeking medical treatment, the next stop is scheduling a consultation appointment with the attorney. At the consultation appointment, the injured party should be prepared to discuss their accident and injuries and answer any questions launched by the attorney. The more information provided, the better the start of the case.

If you have become the victim of a serious auto accident that was not your fault, it is imperative you seek legal help. Call today to get started.

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